VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s. Participates in the VAVINET Project that Will Build VUT R&D e-Infrastructure

07/25/2013 -

VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s.’ customer VUT in Brno was awarded, within the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme, an extension and modernization project for existing VUT information infrastructure so that it satisfies growing requirements of VUT current and newly established research, development and innovation departments. For most of modern researchers, computers and IT networking have become a key working tool for multimedia communication, knowledge collection and publishing, as well as execution of computations, simulations, virtual experiments and instrumentation data processing. Last but not least, servers are used for visualization that helps understand, control and publish otherwise complex research and development results.

So far, the existing VUT information infrastructure and related ICT services have been largely focused on education. That is why VAVINET project idea is the extension of the current information infrastructure of network, server and services in such a way that it gets ready for intense growth of requirements for bandwidth, computing power, the increase in the volume of processed and searched information of current and other needs of new R&D VUT Brno departments such as NETME, CEITEC, IT4Inovations and others.

The existing concept of computer network creation has focused just on the issue of computer network availability for faculty needs. From this point of view it can be stated that the creation concept is fully in line with especially university operational needs. The establishment of new research centers places quite different and new demands on computer network. Nowadays high-quality communication infrastructure is absolutely vital for full inclusion in the research area.

Within the VAVINET project optical network will be strengthened, key optical network nodes will be equipped with active elements, and data rooms will be fitted with technical equipment. Finally the services for operation and development of research and development information systems will be provided.