Customer focus

The most important prerequisite of continued success of our business is the satisfaction of our current and potential customers. We listen carefully to their needs and expectations, we strive to understand them and comply with their wishes, we feel commitment to them and try to surprise them with new, interesting and practical ideas. Our solutions are designed for the customers in such a way that they do not affect negatively their health and at the same time are environmentally friendly. We ensure information security in such a way that we provide confidence to all of our customers and strengthen their trust in our company.

Focus on results

We build environment for short term and long term determination, enforcing and review of our policies, strategies and objectives so that customers, owner, employees as well as other stakeholders could benefit from that. We envisage actively the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. At product design, development and commissioning we pay attention to preferring such technical solutions that have positive impact on the environment. We ensure efficient protection and security of information at necessary level from the viewpoint of its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Company management and stability of intentions and objectives

Company management supports and encourages employees to increase the quality of provided solutions and ensure information security beyond the requirements of applicable legislation and to improve the environmental protection system. Based on comprehensive assessment of all available information and experience it initiates the changes in activities, processes and relationships with all interested parties with the aim to fulfill the declared company vision and strategy in the long term.


Management on the basis of processes and facts

We see the key to company permanent prosperity, competitiveness and increasing its value in the efficient management and continuous improving of our processes. Through their systematic monitoring, evaluation and optimization we ensure their stable high quality on which our customers and partners can always rely. We manage our processes in such a way to ensure their compliance with applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union, international agreements as well as other requirements for the environment and information security.


Development of employees and their engagement

We endorse the environment of open communication, we share our expertise and experience, we constantly develop our creative personal and professional potential, we consult potential risks and create motivational environment. We are proud of our work and actively strive for the highest satisfaction level of our customers as possible. Through systematic education we enhance the expertise of our customers not only as to environment issues, safety and quality of our solutions but also as to information security so that they understand the consequences and impact of company activities on these fields and were able to prevent them efficiently. We provide them with the information on fulfilling our policies and objectives.


Continuous learning, innovation and improvement

We search, constantly and purposefully, for new opportunities for improvement and project them to our solutions thereby we increase their value add. We bring our customers technical novelties and complex technology solutions in an understandable and easy-to-use shape to make their life easier and improved.

We guarantee the protection and security of all information about our customers, employees and partners.