Integrated security center

  • The first security center in the Czech Republic
  • Receiving calls from 112, 150, 155, 158 and 156
  • Operational management of the fire rescue brigade, the medical rescue service, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ostrava municipality police
  • Crisis management of the municipality and the region
  • Finalist of 2011 IT product competition

General description

The integrated security centre is a complex information and communication system ensuring emergency call receipt and operational management of integrated security centre groups on a given territory. The system provides emergency call operators with the support when answering the emergency call, getting information from the caller, evaluation of emergency parameters and event transfer to an executive group of the integrated security centre (ISC) to get resolved. It also provides an ISC group dispatcher with the support for receiving emergency events through various communication means, event processing, proposal of forces and resources and their sending to event location as well as monitoring its resolutions status. The system also provides the means for statistical evaluation of activities of emergency line operators and rescue group dispatcher as well as information and communication support for resolving large emergencies and crisis states.
The integrated security centre is usually implemented in common premises that are shared within one building by ISC groups and possibly by other cooperating agencies. If needed, the technical solution enables geographically distributed implementation of the centre whereby its individual sites are located in geographically diverse locations.

Key components

The complex information and communication system of the integrated security centre is built on the following key components:

  • System core and data communication
  • Voice communication
  • Operational and dispatch sites
  • Application support of emergency call receipt
  • Application support of operational management of ISC groups
  • Integration framework – application middleware
  • Shared audio-visual space


An important element unifying IT of the integrated security centre is application middleware that enables sharing functions and data from heterogeneous information resources and systems of ISC groups in real time. For specific needs of the integrated security centre MEDIUM SOFT a.s. developed a quite new integration framework. This framework includes both a communication layer based on web services technology and XML, and the set of the services that are shared by all communicating applications. Logical diagram of the integration framework is shown at the figure below.

Application middleware IBC MSK integrates dispatcher systems of the groups of the fire rescue brigade, the medical rescue service, the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ostrava municipality police between each other as well as with the system of emergency call receipt at line 112, with the system of the unified geographical information system, with the common voice communication system and the internal address system as well as with the external systems of other organizations such as the Czech Hydro meteorological Institute, the Oder river basin, DIAMO, the National Transport Information Centre and others. Owing to the application integration the operators of emergency lines and ISC group dispatchers have in time at their disposal all the information that is provided by the existing technology and thus they can provide high-quality help to the citizens in need.

 Practical implementation

The first practical implementation of a regional security center is the integrated security center of the Moravian-Silesian Region (IBC MSK). The center was completed at the end of 2010 after it had been built for more than 2 years. IBC MSK receives emergency call at lines 112, 150, 155 and 158 from the entire territory of the Moravian-Silesian Region, and line 156 of the municipal police from the territory of the city of Ostrava.

The center has 31 full-fledged and 5 backup operator-dispatcher workplaces in a common dispatch room and additional 32 workplaces in separated operations centers of ISC groups, including a camera surveillance workplace of the city of Ostrava. Moreover, it provides additional almost 50 office-type workplaces, including the workplaces of Municipality police Ostrava headquarters and service station, the intervention center workplaces of the Rescue Service Regional Center of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the crisis team workplaces of the Lord Mayor of the city of Ostrava, and the Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

IBC MSK is a central workplace that governs all operations of ISC groups in the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Municipality police Ostrava. It manages, directly or indirectly, 422 fire protection brigades, 57 intervention groups of the rescue service, approximately 4,000 policemen of the Police of the Czech Republic, and around 635 officers of the Municipality police Ostrava. This huge system provides its services to 1,250,000 inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian Region 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, instantly on request of the citizens in need.

Additional information

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