In modern information society data and information security has become a hot and discussed topic and in some cases even an issue and maybe a nightmare of the management of some organizations and companies. On one hand it is necessary to be an open information society, on the other hand however to protect our strategic and tactical information. Thus it is desirable to invest in the field of information and communication system security, however such investments should be made properly, effectively and functionally. Secure information technology becomes a critical success factor of businesses and state authorities. Among our clients in the area of information security there particularly such companies that come to realize that their interest is to focus at the most on efficient solutions of information security. Before you take a final decision on the selection of the right partner in IT security and services, address us as well.

VITSOL objective is to propose and then implement, with expending as low cost as possible, the maximum protection of information system against its potential misuse. VITSOL provides a full range of services in this field. We carry out an analysis of IT security current state in your company, prepare a security comprehensive concept, and implement the best solution for your requirements. We also provide service, necessary trainings and security management. We have full knowledge of demanding technical objectives and stringent time schedules of our customers VITSOL has extensive know-how in the area of analysis, implementation, training and maintenance of IT security systems. It applies especially where the highest demands are at stake for security, for example protecting the data with national classification or personal data security in biometrics travel documents where the company keeps an excellent market position.