Data center analysis and design

Information is usually the most valuable company assets and the refore it should be stored with the maximum level of security. The most appropriate tool for storing information is a data center. It is a location under special operation mode and the environment that provides data protection against its loss or damage. Before a data center is built, a thorough analysis and design should be carried out in order to get an idea about how such a centre should look like.

We can carry out customer requirement analysis taking into account current software needs and their extension. Such an analysis should be the base for an optimum design of what data center is the most suitable. Requirements for software, server solutions and protection against malicious codes and unauthorized access, evenly load distribution of partial components should be considered.

Data center design takes into consideration the requirements for infrastructure in the DC - persons unauthorized access, fire protection, recording of persons, providing of uninterrupted power, air-conditioning and ventilation, DC monitoring, power distribution, universal cabling, switchboards for placing servers and active elements, data access to data center room, servers and active elements and software.