Cloud computing

So few terms in the area of data center architecture and creating have been recently referred to so often as Cloud computing. Cloud computing or sharing hardware and software resources through a network, mostly the Internet, has changed established procedures and business models in the world of information technology. On one hand it enables more efficient use of computing and other data center resources, on the other hand it makes possible to fulfill users' requirements for the speed of service implementation, their quality and availability at transparent pricing.

The key Cloud computing benefits are especially its price and flexibility. When using Cloud computing companies do not need to invest in purchasing expensive HW and SW licenses but they pay just for the use of specific applications and services by particular users.

Vítkovice IT Solutions provides application hosting through the cloud computing system (so called software as a service (SaaS)) whereby the customer does not pay for the software but just for its use. Applications themselves are run in large data centers and users can access them both from their company computers and securely through the Internet.

CLOUD hosted application offerings – communication covers a wide range of enterprise applications such as:

  • Email (Microsoft Exchange Server 2010)
  • CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0)
  • SharePoint (Microsoft SharePoint 2010)
  • Uniform communication (Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2)
  • Automated backup of clients and servers