Training is a chance

Staff training at VÍTKOVICE ITS

Operational Program Name: OP Human Resources and Employment

Global Grant name: Adaptability and Competitiveness

Support Area name: Increasing adaptability of employees and business competitiveness

Call title: The call for proposals GP 1.1 - Training is a Chance

Registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.02/35.00706

Amount: CZK 2 992 952

Project duration: May 2010 to January 2012

Project Description

The company VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s. currently provides ICT services (Information and Communication Technologies), primarily for the companies within the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP. The Board of Directors of VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s. has decided on directing the new business activities for customers outside the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP. To achieve this goal, it is necessary that the applicant has obtained new knowledge, know-how and certification in the ICT field, which is a dynamically growing market segment and is primarily based on knowledge and continually developing skills of employees. Therefore, VÍTKOVICE ITS a.s. comprehend the development of skills of their employees as a necessary condition to meet their strategic objectives.

Actual training activities will focus primarily on skills development of our team of IT professionals, training of the staff of Sales, Marketing and Finance Departments as a necessary preparation for the entry into a competitive external market. The project will be supplemented with necessary training to develop language and soft skills of our employees.

The target group of this project is formed by 48 company employees, for whom necessary development or extension of skills and competencies have been identified.

The project will be implemented in the course of 21 months. To ensure educational and training activities, the use of external suppliers is assumed.

Project objectives

The main project objective, which arises from the new business strategy focusing on the external market, is to increase the company competitiveness and strengthen its current market position. We are going to achieve this goal by improving the level of knowledge and skills of company employees in connection with changing requirements for their competence.

Partial project objectives are defined as follows:

  • enhance professional qualifications in the IT field and staff training for certification
  • develop business and marketing knowledge and skills
  • enhance skills in the field of economics and law
  • develop communication and presentation skills
  • improve language skills
  • develop managerial skills of managers, particularly in the areas of project management

The most of the world renowned hardware and software manufacturers offer to advanced users of their technologies the option to demonstrate their expertise skills through obtaining specific certification titles, and thus obtain many benefits, either from the manufacturer, customers or employers. In some areas, the certification is not only a guarantee of holder’s professional qualities, but also becomes a necessity for cooperation with both the manufacturer and customer. Certificates are therefore a unique criterion of professionalism, in addition to the international validity.

International Cooperation
The project does not assume international cooperation.

The project has no partner.

Project implementor
ID: 61972576
Street: Ruská 60
City: Ostrava -Vítkovice
ZIP: 70602

Contact:  Karel Vachutka, , +420 595 954 004