System integration

The driving force behind system integration development on the market is the need for flawless IS/IT implementation in a business so that its business processes are supported to the maximum extent possible. VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS aims to become a system integrator and we strive to employ the potential of our expertise and provide as many services as possible using our own resources. We are a company that has a direct relationship with our customers, we are involved in the solution and integration of a number of projects and thus, based on long term partnerships, we take part in fulfilling customers' corporate strategy.

Company portfolio covers almost all services both in HW infrastructure and application SW delivery. We employ consultants and offer their services for IT strategy preparation and IS/IT development concept.

We have expertise for providing services in the field of the global and detailed system architecture design while we can implement efficiently the state-of-the-art technologies for integration of all systems. We also assume responsibility for defining requirements, technology and supplier selection and guarantee implementation and the operation of the comprehensive solution.